Jul 26, 2011

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Jul 25, 2011

Venturing into New Grounds

I am known as a close up card magician. I am really into cards more than any type of magic. Lately I have been rereading other books on magic theory and more on presentation points. Most of this books are more on mentalism and this has made me think that I could incorporate more of this mind-reading and mental effects into my routine.

There are two things which made me venture into learning mental effects. One is my left wrist had an injury and I might now be able to do card tricks and other sleight heavy close up magic if this injury becomes worse. This is also why I really do not write much in my blogs anymore.

Also what pushed me into venturing into mental effects is that I am seeing very bad mentalism acts on TV. Acts that supposedly come from psychic powers from the performer who is claiming to have honed it through the years. I mean why the hell should I believe him when all I see is him duplicating drawings which could be easily done. As for his other effects, all of these are readily available in the Internet.

I really couldn't forget how he did White Star by Jim Crithclow (a Titanic themed act) to people who might actually be to young to know about the ship or even to see the movie. I mean if this was done 13 years ago then it might have an effect. However for teenagers, I mean do they even give a damn about it?

The worst thing that he did which bothered me a lot is that he claims to talk to the dead. I mean if you brand yourself as a mentalist, then you shouldn't brand yourself as a genuine spiritualist. Capitalizing on grief and emotions from the relatives of the dead is really very disturbing especially when you talk about the ethics of magic. I think that the network airing the show should reconsider about continuing a show with an obvious charlatan who claims to have powers.

Anyway, with all that ranting, I just hope that people I could show to more people what does really mentalism look like without any claims of possession of supernatural or paranormal powers. I want to share an experience of real magic and astonishment instead of sharing something which you obviously know is fake.

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