Dec 25, 2008

Have a Magical Christmas

To all my readers and to everyone else in the world. May you have a truly fruitful Holiday Season and a blessed New Year.

Dec 21, 2008

Last Saturday was a Sucess

Last Saturday I went to my girlfriend's sister 18th Birthday Party and there I did a little walkaround magic for the guests. I have prepared for this for quite some time and i had a routine in mind. Unfortunately the routine was kept short due to time constraints and of course I had to fit it with the audience after seeing them.

Well after the dinner ,all of the traditional 18th birthday ceremonies and the dancing I got on doing my walkaround. I started on a table where the girls actually moved their chairs to face the dance floor. They weren't on the table so I was actually able to perform the Asher Twist with jacks with the patter that the headturner in the group actaully causes the jacks to face her one at a time.

I also did a few more tricks but my highlight would have to bee my routine with the jacks, consisting of the twisiting jacks, the red and the blacks exchanging places and the four jacks finds a selected card. It was all screams from the audience and although I appreciate it, sometimes it hurts my ears.

Well it was really worth it and the reactions were really overwhelming. I hope that I'll get to perform more so that I could share the magic.

Dec 18, 2008

Just a few days left before that day

Yes it's just a few days left before my walkaround show for a birthday party. I have my routines set-up already and it's just a matter of presenting it for the show to be successful. I do hope there would be less mistakes and more fun when I perform.

I do hope that I make a good impression to all the guests there and just maybe I might consider doing it professionally. Well times are hard and any extra work would be welcomed right? Well at least maybe not this time yet.

Anyway I hope the show would be a success and maybe it will inspire me to do more an be better in magic.

Dec 17, 2008

UP Diliman Lantern Parade! Extremely Magical

Ok here's the news coverage of one of the best events in my beloved School UP diliman

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Hah! Beat that! Well no other school has that but us. I hope to post more pictures soon here.

Until then.

Dec 15, 2008

I'll be quite busy for this week

Yup Christmas is fast approaching and I'll be busier than ever. I do hope you still visit this blog and read about my views and insights on magic. I'll be busy because I'll be performing for a friend this weekend and I'll be taking a vacation on the Christmas Week. I'll be back around January already hopefully earlier.

Until then,

Image source

Dec 11, 2008

Download Free Magic E-books!

Yup I admit I'm a sucker when it comes to free stuff. My search for new knowledge has brought me to the far and wide corners of the worldwide web. So far I've seen a lot of e-books on magic both for free and for a fee.

Of course between the two I would choose the free one. However most of the time the free e-book that is given to you gives you something that either you already know about or something that everyone knows already. That is really quite frustrating and of course I feel that I wasted my time actually going to that site.

However there are good sites too that provide quality e-books and they are really a goldmine when it comes to magic knowledge. I was lucky to find a website that has that repository of over 100 classic books of magic and surely that is something for a magician like me.

There is another site that I found that offers e-books for a reasonable price (meaning cheap in my vocabulary)Well I purchased some e-books there and some were even under a dollar and also if you look carefully into the site you could get their free e-books too.

Anyway I'm not mentioning the sites where I got my e-books from simply because I don't think telling about them would be a good idea because if anyone could purchase the trick the someone who isn't a magician who bought it might expose it to others too.

Anyway I'm just telling you my experience about e-books and magic. If you want I have uploaded some in my other blog Learn Classic Tricks. Just follow the instructions on the Request Password page.

Dec 10, 2008

Check out KLM - Fill a Plane - Promote your plane


I want you to take a look at : KLM - Fill a Plane - Promote your plane

and who knows we might be on the same plane en route to Amsterdam. See you there!

With a few days before Christmas, Magic is all around here again

Nothing really beats the feeling of Christmas coming near especially the happiness and warmth that it brings. Not to mention of course the long holidays and merrymaking that goes with it. Every year it never fails to bring its magic to all.

To make me feel more the joy this season brings I searched for a lot of a Christmas songs and being the European languages major that I am I actually searched for various versions of Christmas Carols in French and I found this guy on youtube who sings it beautifully.

That's his version of Jingle Bells: Vive le vent in French

Very nice indeed and of course I enjoyed his other songs on his channel.

Anyway that's for Christmas magic so far...

Dec 9, 2008

What does it take to be an expert?

Recently I read an article that in order for someone to become an expert at any field a person should have dedicated at least ten thousand hours to it. It is roughly equivalent to a little more than a year of non stop practice for 24 hours everyday or if you like you could just do it four 3 hours a day for ten years ( I hope I did my Math correctly back there) This may be too much but of course for someone who actually enjoys what he or she is doing it is really nothing since one doesn't notice the passing of time that goes with it.

Honestly I don't consider myself an expert in magic since my experience with it is really not that long and also even though I've been practicing it for a long time performing it would be a different thing. Of course I'm saying this because I've experienced it ones that I have practiced a trick for such a long time and sometimes it still fails.

Yup it's really embarrassing when people see you fail and more often than not they would say "I saw that!" then of course you'll be caught off-guard and that really feels terrible because you'll really feel that it seems like everything you have put to that trick is put to waste.

Well of course the only solution for one not to fail no matter how much practice is made is of course to practice more. Well they say practice makes perfect but in my own experience it never makes perfect, it only makes you better and being better lessens the chances of failing.

Yes more practice could be boring most of the time but there's no other way to become better than to do it, just make sure you don't count the hours you practice, just enjoy what you're doing and you won't notice how have you improved greatly.

To finish it off here's a video quite related on the topic. You just have to think deeper why is this song related to what I have written above.

Dec 8, 2008

Marvelous Magic- New Layout and Features

Since it's beginning last June Marvelous Magic has undergone a lot of changes. Aside from the change in template, there are also new features that makes this site more interesting and useful to all the visitors here.

First of all the new template of this site makes it easier to navigate around it. With it's links on top of the page that helps visitors navigate around the site with ease, surely more would be coming back to visit this site.

Checking the top links, you would see that it is now easier to learn magic and to order for the stuff you need with the Learn Classic Tricks and Shop. If you really want to learn magic then you should visit these two sites.

In addition to this, the site now has a contact form. With this a visitor of the site could personally send a message to the author of this blog about anything. Whether it be about shows or simply a magic advice the author is more than willing to answer your e-mails. Just a note "NO SPAM OR ANY OTHER UNNECESSARY MESSAGE PLEASE!"

Moving on this site also has opened its pages for advertisers who would want their sites to have more traffic driven into them. Simply check this entry on how you could promote your site here for as low as USD3.oo a month. With easy payment via paypal you'll be able to purchase your ads and be seen with each page of this site almost instantly.

More features to come soon, as for the meantime enjoy your stay here.

Dec 7, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist Part 1

Well for all of you who are wondering why I'm writing something like this even though Christmas is still a few days away, I'm writing this simply because I just need a little something to uplift my spirits and possibly to motivate me with whatever thing I need.

Well here it goes in no particular order:

1. A new job

I've been ranting about this since I've started this blog. Although not regularly you could find on my other entries how i really want a new job wherein I'll be fulfilled. Having a this day job is tough and being a magician who can do tricks but won't earn from it is being harder. Hopefully by next year I'll be able to find a new job and maybe even my own clients for magic shows.

2. My own place

This is something that I really want since as a magician I need time alone to practice and at my current situation right now, staying with my family makes me feel that I really have no time to practice it and since everyone could see me in the house I really feel sometimes that what I do isn't good enough.

3. New books and new props

Just a little something for increasing my knowledge as well as adding up to what I can do as a magician. Having new books to study makes me feel happy because it makes me feel that my brain is still working properly and it gives me new ideas to think about.

So far that's what I've been wishing for myself (at least) and maybe I'll go think about the world if I'll be able to solve my problems first.

Dec 4, 2008

Marvelous Magic now accepting ads

This blog has grown a lot since when it first started. It is slowly becoming known throughout the worldwide web and traffic has been good over the past few weeks.

Because of this, the owner of the blog: me has decided to accept banner ads on his site. You could buy your ads for as low as USD1.50 for 2 weeks. Imagine two weeks of exposure and back links for a very low price of just USD1.50.

Here are the terms and conditions in buying ads in this site.

1. Ads must have a size of 125x125 pixels only. The banners should only contain only still images and should not show any nudity, obscenity and other material that could be offensive to the viewers of the site.

2. The site owner reserves the right to accept or decline advertisers for this site.

3. The site owner reserves the right to remove any ads that shows nudity, obscenity and other material that could be offensive to the viewers of the site.

4. The ads shown on the site doesn't necessary reflect the views and opinions of the site owner.

5. By placing an ad on this site the advertiser agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.

Contact Me if you are interested in placing your ad in this blog.

Sample ads

So what are you waiting for buy ad space here now.

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Dec 3, 2008

Something I made just for fun

Just a few things I made out of my Free Time.

Create your own logo too here.

Wordless Wednesday

Image Source

A magic toon courtesy of Jim Salabim. More toons on his zazzle.

Dec 2, 2008


Image Source

Well yes it's December already and a few days from now it will be that magical moment: Christmas. Everywhere everyone is busy preparing for that day and on almost every corner there are Christmas decorations already.

If everyone is busy, well so am I. In two weeks I'll be performing for a Birthday party and until now I'm still feeling butterflies all over.Honestly I'm still finding good effects to perform and had been practicing them everyday so that I won't fail when that day comes.

It is a walkaround and table hopping type for a birthday party and good thing though the audience are old enough to understand more complicated tricks. If they were kids I would have a hard time controlling them and doing tricks to them.

I do hope that I would be able to pull through this show and hopefully they'll remember the magic.

Oh well Back to my practicing again, wouldn't want to ruin the big show right?

Dec 1, 2008

What a magician does when he Buys Shoes

Image Source

Over the long weekend, there was a big sale on a mall near us and fortunately I just received my salary, so I thought of buying something for myself and that is a pair of rubber shoes. The ones I bought were the exact ones in the photo and I was really able to buy it at a very good bargain.

Before I was able to buy this pair, I looked all over the mall, in each stall trying to find a good pair for a good price. If I were a normal guy I would have been annoyed with myself because it took me very long to buy a shoes.

It took me so long to buy shoes because I am really conscious first of all with the fit then of course the look. The shoes should be comfortable when I wear them, that's why I need a perfect fit of it. When it comes to style of course I wouldn't want to look anything like a clown with over sized shoes.

Something I think that most people wouldn't do is to levitate when they buy shoes. Actually I was just looking on the shoe mirror on how it looks like on me, until a saleslady suggested that I use the full body mirror. So I followed her advice and as I was looking through every detail on how the shoe looks, I decided to practice a very simple levitation trick performed by David Blaine for his first TV series.

Here is how he does it.

I was actually practicing it and a good thing is that no one else was watching me perform it in front of the mirror. I really don't know what will happen if anybody had seen it.

Oh well it really seems a little weird but whenever I buy shoes I try to levitate one or two times to see if it works well with what I buy.

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