Jul 28, 2008

Magician's Community

This is definitely one of the best magic communities in the web. There are a lot of professional amateur and beginner magicians from all over the world in this site. It's a great place to exchange ideas through the forums and videos of your performances.

Visit Magicians.com

I really can't remember how I bumped in into this site but that doesn't really matter now because I'm really enjoying the company of other magicians there. I am happy that I get to talk to a lot of magicians from other parts of the world. I was quite surprised that a lot of magicians there are Filipinos and of course the Filipino group was one of the most active groups there.

There I just would like to share to you a definitive community for magicians by magicians. Feel free to join just remember to follow the rules of the site, number one being "No magic secrets, including the performance of sleights, will be revealed in any form in this community..."

Jul 22, 2008

My First Videos on Youtube

Finally I was able to upload some videos on youtube. I've waited for so long to have my own videos on youtube and show everyone my magic.

Here's a card trick I did.

Here's a classic trick

I hope you enjoy my videos. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to comment at this entry.

Jul 20, 2008

Impromptu Performance

I have been gone for the past few days because my grandfather in Negros Occidental died, he is 90 years old and he died of old age. The place is really a far province and of course internet access there is only available in some parts. I just got back here in Metro Manila yesterday at around 8:00 am. After getting home at around 9:00, I just rested for a while and got myself dressed up again to attend a christening at 11:00 am.

Well I got there and the ceremony was almost over but the celebration has just begun. After eating a sumptuous lunch, my girlfriend told her high school friends that I would show them something. Well I know that was my cue and soon I started doing magic on our table. I showed them a few card tricks and of course they were amazed but at the same time they started joking me by saying "Hey look it's David... David Cook!" I just laughed with them on their comments thanking that it wasn't some other street magician on TV name again.

A few moments later they told me to come to the table of the mother of the child. She was with her friends and soon I started doing magic tricks for other tables as well. My performance for each table was really short and it consists only of about 3-5 card tricks.

A few moments later they told me to come to the table of the mother of the child. She was with her friends and soon I started doing magic tricks for other tables as well. My performance for each table was really short and it consists only of about 3-5 card tricks.

As we were about to leave I bid them good bye by showing a linking tings routine. Although I would love to perform more, we really need to leave already because we still have a lot to do for that day.

Jul 13, 2008

The Restless Lady

This is one of the tricks I regularly used as an opener for a card magic show.

It is easy yet powerful and most of all entertaining. The effect is quite simple a black queen always goes back to the magician's hand every time he takes it away and places it somewhere else.

I figured out this trick the same day I saw it on Youtube. I figured out it's basics and soon I started making the trick my own. In my version (which will be uploaded soon) I added a little spice to it by using "patter".

Here is the same trick done by a magician named Antonio Zuccaro

Isn't it nice? Don't you remember yourself watching it? Don't you remember how restless you were one time in your life that you keep on coming back to the same place after going out of it quite a number of times? Don't you remember yourself that the last time you went back there, the moment you left that place, you have already changed? Well that's the restless lady with a little lesson in life.

Jul 9, 2008

No Smoking Please.

If there is one thing that I really hate whenever I take public transportation, is when someone sits near you and lights up a cigarette. Then that person huffs and puffs his smoke in all directions without considering that not all people there are smokers. The thing I hate the most too about them is that even though you cover your face with a handkerchief or you cough like your insides are going out, they would still hold on to their cigarette and actually puff more smoke in your face. I actually experienced it yesterday inside the jeep when a man rode and started to smoke inside the jeep. The other passengers, including me, started to cover our faces with a hanky also one really coughed hard but instead of throwing his cigarette he finished the entire stick inside the jeep as if nothing had happened.This morning too as I rode the bus on the way to work the driver is smoking and the smell of the smoke really spread throughout the bus. He even managed to smoke two sticks! Whenever I see smokers I'd really like to douse some water on their cigarettes so it couldn't be used anymore.

The only good thing about cigarettes though is that they could be used on magic. Although I could do a cigarette routine I never get to light it because I don't smoke and I don't want to. Here's a cigarette routine done by Cyril Takayama.

Hope you enjoyed the video and remember that smoking kills not only you but the people around you too.

Jul 8, 2008

Paying my Transport Fare

I was really irritated at the news that there will be another fare hike this week. That would mean PhP 8.50 for a jeepney ride of 4 kilometers. It's quite annoying and disappointing that none of us anything in this situation. As a commuter I always see how annoyed other commuters are, every time they would pay their fare.

That brings me back when I went to UP to get something. Of course I need to ride a jeepney all the way from MRT Quezon avenue station all the way to UP Diliman. The fare for the ride was actually 9 pesos and of course as everyone was scouring through their wallets for coins, I decided to do a little magic trick.

I made sure first that everybody has paid already so that they would pay attention. I said "Bayad po isang campus" (Here's my payment, one person for UP campus) Then I saw the people in front of me staring at me because I wasn't holding anything in my hand. Then all of a sudden I started producing two 5 peso coins. As I was reaching out my hand to give the driver my payment the people in front of me were smiling and some of course are awestruck. The driver gave me my change a 1 peso coin and as soon as it reached my hand I made it vanish.
After that production and vanish of coins, I just looked at the window with a big smile of again being able to mystify and entertain people despite of the very hard and expensive life. Anyway it's nice to watch a show for free right?

Jul 5, 2008

Happy Birthday- Magic Style

Last Saturday I went to Araneta Coliseum with some of my friends to watch the UAAP opening and to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends: Rose. We watched the opening ceremonies and the crowd was really wild, each cheering for their own school. The loud beat of the drums made the crowd even go wilder as the dancers from UP (my school of course) showed us never before seen routines.

We stayed there and watched too the basketball games and after that we went to pizza hut where she treated us to a nice pizza dinner. Of course as part of her birthday celebration I was assigned to give entertainment and of course that was magic.

I actually brought with me my linking rings and my deck of cards. I did a few card tricks before the food was served to us and after that sumptuous dinner I started performing my linking rings routine.

Apparently a lot of people were also watching me as I do the trick. Feeling this I started doing my best, putting all my showmanship skills into that trick. My friends gave their applause as I hear other people say "How did he do that?" or "Wow that was good" I even heard a parent say to her kid while pointing at me said "Hey look it's magic" The kid was just staring at me after the trick and I went on doing more card tricks to our friends.

My girlfriend told me that one of her friends still couldn't get over the Ambitious card routine that I did. She still finds me quite creepy, maybe because I exuded a little bit of a David Blaine aura. It was quite expected because this generation only seem to know Blaine, Criss Angel and the likes.I was very happy performing for the whole group. Too bad though I have to go home early because I live very far from them.

Here are some pictures so that you could experience too that magical time that we had.

Performing for some friends...
Again to them...

To the Birthday Girl...
Look at the girl who's wearing white, she is really so much into it.

Jul 3, 2008

Back in College

I was searching for a certain CD in my all in one storage box when I found this CD that is the soft copy of our graduation pictures. I popped it inside the computer and there I saw my creative shot of a magician springing cards.

It has actually an interesting story because in the photo shoot I actually didn't bring a top hat and a coat for a costume because I was hoping that the studio has one. Unfortunately they don't have a hat and all the coats are over sized.

Well since I really didn't give the impression of a magician a lot of people especially the photographers kept on asking what is my costume all about. I just said that I'm a magician and they just couldn't see my point until one of them asked me to perform.

So I just started performing actually simple card tricks for them and I just couldn't believe how amazed they were. I was happy that I have proven my point that I'm a real magician not just a costumed guy. The best part is I also got to be nominated as one of the best creative shots.

Well I hope I could get back my other shots of me as a magician because there are a lot more not only this one.

Jul 2, 2008

Magic and School Kids

I went yesterday to a certain school to apply as a foreign language teacher. It was really very tiring imagine having 5 interviews all in a day plus demo teaching and an exam. Well while waiting for some of my interviews during lunchtime I just started playing with my linking rings set and then some grade four kids came near me and soon I was already performing a little show for kids. Well as usual kids are nosy when it comes to tricks and they always love comparing what you do with the things that their families or friends do.

The show was simple and it was just for about 5-10 minutes. I started with the linking rings, followed by a 4 phase matrix, then to wrap it all up I finished with "No puede hacer mas lento" by Rene Lavand. Well the kids were really hoping that I'll be their teacher but sad thing though I think I can't teach there simply because it's too far from where I live.

I don't want to disappoint the kids who wants to see magic at their school but my magic simply can't make me work there.Although I would really love to teach, I think that the distance of the place from my home is really very far and so I can't work there.

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