Apr 26, 2009

Just a little thought

I have received a PM just recently regarding a comment I made about a certain video. I was just commenting about the unnecessary action of having a card signed for a "card blister" effect. Then a not so friendly answer came back to me.

At first it goes something like am I a professiona?l etc. Well I'm not and all I did was post a comment referring to the seemingly unnecessary action. It would have been still good with or without the signature since it was shown already to the camera that that was the chosen card and it was already established that it was a chosen card.

Then near the end of the letter I was quite shocked on how it seems to that person that I don't appreciate their efforts, nor I care about magic in this country. Well what they don't know is that as an amateur magician I think that magic need not to be so overrated to be shown every now and then to everyone.

Magic for some is their way of living and this is what supports them, that's why they need to promote it. I'm not against promoting it but making it appear somewhat overrated is something that might not be good for magicians. Since it doesn't only hurt the craft but it might hurt their pockets in the future as well.

Apr 25, 2009

New look once more

The past layouts of this blog has been somewhat too crowded now that's why I've decided to change it's layout once more. Just like any form of entertainment too much of what's happening make one lose focus making the whole show a disaster.

With this I decided to clean this blog and take away all the unnecessary, things like outdated blog ratings, recent visitors, and other ads that might take your attention away from reading my insights on the blog.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the new. simple and clean look of this blog.

Apr 19, 2009

I need inspiration in Magic

These past few days, I really didn't get to practice magic. I don't know why but I don't feel like I am doing anything worthwhile with it. Maybe it's one of those days wherein I am so busy or even maybe one of those days when I am not inspired to do anything at all.

Maybe taking a rest did me some good but it somewhat removed my interest in practicing magic. Maybe I just need to learn something new or to watch something inspiring, especially with what is happening around me.

Maybe someday I'll get my cards, do magic and make other people happy once more but for now I need to be inspired in magic.

Apr 14, 2009

Receiving a letter from a great youtube magician

Just this Monday I received in a letter from my e-mail from one magician whose videos are in this blog. I wrote a few entries about beautiful magic videos found on youtube. Here is his letter to me:

Hello Jordan.

My name is Antonio Zuccaro, a non-professional cardician from Naples, Italy. The reason why I'm writing to you right now is to give you a warm "Thank You" for putting some of my Magic videos on your blog. I really appreciate that! One minor thing: my surname is "Zuccaro" and not "Zucarro" :-P

Your blog is a thing of beauty, keep it up!

Warm regards,

Antonio Zuccaro

To show you how really good he is with magic here's a sample video from his offical channel:

I really appreciate how those I look up to in magic would actually find this blog and actually appreciate the effort. Hopefully my blog will reach more readers to share more magic from all over the world.

If you think you have good videos on youtube, you could send me an e-mail then who knows I might feature it here and if I feel more generous I might even throw in an e-book or two. So tell me about your videos so that we could share them to everyone in the world.

Apr 6, 2009

Cleaning the clutter from my magic box

Image Source

With the past long weekend that has just passed, I took the opportunity to clean up my stuff at home (though I may want to go on a vacation or relax somewhere I couldn't since I didn't have the funds) I started first with organizing my magic box.

My magic box contained all the magic I had for the past 4 years (the first props I had were nowhere to be found now but it's alright with me since all of those are really kids stuff anyway) From decks of cards to, linking rings, to DVDs and all the other materials, I seem to have a lot already.

Amidst all the props, I saw one of my favorites which I seldom use now, largely because I've been too busy. The one I'm talking about is my set of Sponge Balls. They were flat when I got them out of the box, so I soaked them in water and voila they were as good as new.

With all that has been happening now in my life I could see myself somewhat similar to the sponge ball. Recently I've been asking myself why things as such has been happening and it had made me a little bit sad. I've been flattened with some problems and trials but that doesn't mean that I would be useless.

All I really need is to be drenched in water (more like immersed) so that I would wake up to the fact that life isn't all that bad and being soft makes you last longer than being hard and resisting and charging things head on. Another side of it is though we may be soft but we still have our breaking point. Well just being philosophical for this post.

Anyway I hope to get more of a regular update here in this blog,

Until then,

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