May 27, 2009

Review: DEEP by Justin Meitz

This review ought to have been written a long time ago. Sorry Justin for the delay now here's the review:

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Can't make balloon animals? No problem. Ditch the poodle and the puppy dog and let's try something even more fun - and amazing! Make a snake - and eat it!

Well swallowing unusual things are really not a part of my repertoire. I don't swallow swords, balls or anything that might endanger my life. Lucky for me though I had the chance to get a copy of Justin Meitz DVD DEEP. Balloon swallowing has been around for quite long and as far as I know Justin was the first to do this on the video.

Justin would guide you all throughout the process along with video performances for real people. In this DVD he teaches the trick along with Daniel one of his students so that you could see that this trick is really easy to do. He gives you tips and presentation ideas so that DEEP could be performed at almost any situation thinkable of.

The DVD is packed with a lot and I'm sure it is worth every penny you spend. With a great teacher like Justin I'm sure you'll learn more than just swallowing a balloon whole.

May 26, 2009

A new job for me but I miss a lot of things

Well I got a new job but unfortunately I have to work on a graveyard shift. So that means that the time I spend for magic has really lessened. I really miss the times that I visit Club Magicians, watch youtube videos or browse for some new products at the shop.

I really miss the interaction between fellow magicians and hopefully after two months I could get to visit the club or wrrite again in this blog. It's really hard when all you get to do at home after coming from work is to catch up some lost sleep.

Honestly I'm still adjusting from the work hours but hopefully I could adjust to it. Though I still take time to do magic, my mind is just too tired to think, so for now I'm still on a break from magic. Hopefully in a month or two I could get back on the magic track and have more interaction with the magicians I miss.

Until then, I'll keep you readers posted...

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