Oct 28, 2008

It's not about hand speed it's about being natural.

Magic as most people would say, is about hand speed. Yes it is done by the hand but it is not the speed of it that makes it magical. This is actually most beginner's mistakes: doing the tricks in a hurried fashion. Because of this more often than not, the trick is discovered and the audience's reaction would surely be something that would annoy you.

So what must one do? Yes magic is usually done by sleight of hand but it shouldn't be done in a fast and hurried manner, rather it should be done in a natural manner. Natural meaning, in a normal pace. Not too fast because the audience might miss it nor too slow for they might suspect something else is happening.

When I practice my magic, I do count in a rhythmic fashion. I do it first without doing the sleight so that I'll get the feel of how should it be naturally then, I would start counting its steps so that when I do the sleight I could pace it with how I normally do it. In this way I achieve the effect of a movement as being natural.

That's it a little tip for all beginner magicians out there. Remember it's not about speed it's moving at a natural pace.

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