May 26, 2009

A new job for me but I miss a lot of things

Well I got a new job but unfortunately I have to work on a graveyard shift. So that means that the time I spend for magic has really lessened. I really miss the times that I visit Club Magicians, watch youtube videos or browse for some new products at the shop.

I really miss the interaction between fellow magicians and hopefully after two months I could get to visit the club or wrrite again in this blog. It's really hard when all you get to do at home after coming from work is to catch up some lost sleep.

Honestly I'm still adjusting from the work hours but hopefully I could adjust to it. Though I still take time to do magic, my mind is just too tired to think, so for now I'm still on a break from magic. Hopefully in a month or two I could get back on the magic track and have more interaction with the magicians I miss.

Until then, I'll keep you readers posted...

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