Nov 16, 2010

"Sleight"-ly Heavy Magic

When I was starting in magic, I always believed that I should learn all the sleights to become very good with my craft. In time I learned these sleights and through the years, I favored those that looked more natural and much easier to do.

I remembered before that my DLs were really very obvious, until I worked out a way to make it look more natural. It even helped me do a perfect TL and now it almost goes unnoticeable even by the most scrutinizing viewer.

Now I've learned to abandon the other "fancy" sleights that I have learned (e.g. Clip Shifts, Hypnotic Cuts, etc.) for more natural ones and those that could be done slowly. I favored those, since in this way I could focus more on the presentation which is what magic is all about.

I'm not saying that we should all go for self-working and no sleights magic tricks, what I'm saying is that when it comes to sleights, the best ones are the ones you are comfortable performing with.

1 comment:

Masterless Magician said...

I agree entirely. Some slights (like the DL) are practically essential for magic. I'm currently working on a few slights for a colour change deck but I honestly don't think they'll be ready to show people for a few months yet. However once I have them at a level I'm happy with they will open up a lot of new tricks for me. But you are right, the basics, executed well and mixed with good showmanship and thought can make for a wonderful routine of tricks.

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