Jan 14, 2011

A tip to be a successful magician: Interaction

One thing I noticed with good magicians is that they are able to maintain a certain level of interaction with their audiences. They are able to make their audiences participate and interact with them that they are not just performing but leaving the audience an experience.

This brings me to think that magic is not just performing but having interaction to leave your audience with an unforgettable and magical experience. Though I heard a lot about the magic moment within a performance, I think a more magical moment is what you leave with them to be remembered.

This is something that I've been thinking of, since I'm seeing a lot of not so good magicians on TV. You can't even say they are the best in technique and their performances are not really that magical. To top it all most of them don't dress properly especially that one of them has too much make up.

Yes I know that Stage Magic is a different thing altogether but performing and interacting properly with the audience should still be seen. Especially that you keep on performing with the audiences behind you that inadvertently gives away the secret.

Anyways, what I really just want to say is that, magic should not be about you or them, it's the interaction between you and your audiences, the experience that something magical is happening, not the experience of being tricked.

1 comment:

Masterless Magician said...

A very good observation. When I first performed close up for friends of friends (ie the first people I didn't personally know) I noticed some people were confrontational. I felt like being confrontational in return, trying to catch THEM out, make THEM look like fools because they ere trying to do the same to me. It hurt when they pretended not to be surprised or impressed just to look good in front of their peers. Then I realised their behaviour just made them look foolish, and therefore I too would look foolish if I kept on rising to their challenges. Now I simply ignore such behaviour and they soon calm down so everyone can get back to enjoying the magic

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