Apr 26, 2009

Just a little thought

I have received a PM just recently regarding a comment I made about a certain video. I was just commenting about the unnecessary action of having a card signed for a "card blister" effect. Then a not so friendly answer came back to me.

At first it goes something like am I a professiona?l etc. Well I'm not and all I did was post a comment referring to the seemingly unnecessary action. It would have been still good with or without the signature since it was shown already to the camera that that was the chosen card and it was already established that it was a chosen card.

Then near the end of the letter I was quite shocked on how it seems to that person that I don't appreciate their efforts, nor I care about magic in this country. Well what they don't know is that as an amateur magician I think that magic need not to be so overrated to be shown every now and then to everyone.

Magic for some is their way of living and this is what supports them, that's why they need to promote it. I'm not against promoting it but making it appear somewhat overrated is something that might not be good for magicians. Since it doesn't only hurt the craft but it might hurt their pockets in the future as well.

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