Aug 6, 2009

Review: Magic The Complete Course by Joshua Jay

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Honestly I thought that it would be impossible for me to actually procure this book from where I live. Fortunately thought yesterday as if through some stroke of magic my feet just lead me to a bookstore and as soon as I turn into the next corner there it was at the top shelf along with other books not related to magic.

I bought the book without hesitation and hurried home to read it. I was surprised on how much insight Joshua Jay has regarding magic and every little thing about it. I really liked how he is actually bringing the "context" into the effect.

Now regarding the book, I should say that it is really a very useful book not only for beginners but also for the more experienced ones. The effects on the book though not all are new actually gives a new and better dimension to what we could say as outdated effects.

With clear photos detailing how an effect is done, the book makes it easier to learn the said effects. What I really like about how Joshua Jay teaches the effects is that besides putting it in the proper "context", he provides the script thus giving the reader an idea on how the effect should be performed.

The organization of the effects we could say is situational which is quite different from most books which are categorical. I say this is a great help for those who actually find it hard to choose which tricks to perform. In addition to this Joshua Jay actually suggests a number of tricks to perform for a show, including preparations and the flow of the whole show.

I'm still about to view the DVD that comes with the book and hopefully I could write a review on it sooner.

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