Sep 3, 2009

Exposure and Explanation

I have been following a discussion on Club Magicians, regarding the Masked Magician. It has been an intense discussion among those who simply hate him to death and those who hate what he has done.

I think it all comes down to this quote:

"For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who do not none will suffice"

-Joseph Dunninger

Magic is a mystery; a secret that is very powerful that makes you believe the possibility of the impossible. Trying to explain it would make it less mysterious thus less powerful for those who have seen it. The less one tries to know how it's done the more it becomes mysterious.

Sad to say but some people, when they see magic they feel cheated (thanks to some magicians who have over sized egos). Anyway this is why maybe a lot of people seek for explanation and some people prey on that desire to be enlightened (i.e. The Masked Magician)and to make things worst some would even brand magicians as fakes and cheats so that the people's sympathy would be on the exposers.

Yes magic would be cheating to some but in my opinion magic is just like a movie with all the fancy special effects. You know that it isn't possible but you were made to suspend your disbelief and the same is with magic. The suspension of disbelief is what makes magic entertaining.

So instead of actually using magic to inflate one's ego and to fool audiences. We should use it to make the audience feel magical. Explain the magic and empower the audience. In this way they won't feel bad and they would remember your magic in a good way.

Until then,

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