Sep 30, 2009

Of calamities and reliefs

For those who want to have an idea how the storm wreaked havoc on our country you could check this photo set.

With the recent calamity that hit our country it was a relief that all the people I know who live in those affected areas are well and good. Though some may have experienced damage and loss of property, they were still thankful that they were still alive and hopefully they could start all over again and recover from this tragedy.

What happened to us is just another reminder that everything that we have and everything that we could see could vanish so fast like a coin in a magician's hand. However when things vanish in nature's hand, the effects are devastating and irreversible.

Well what happened over the past few days reminded me on how life could be so mean but even if that's the reality it can't be denied that life is still beautiful. Especially that we see that in the worst times true kindness just shows. It's just like watching a magic trick; you see an effect though you know there's trickery involve yet you enjoy it because you are entertained.

If only magic were real, I would have done something to make it easier for those who have been hit hard by the storm. For now the only magic I can do is bring back at least the smiles to their faces.

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