Sep 8, 2010

Performing for laymen

I really don't like the term "laymen" being used in a wrong by some magicians. It gives a sense of mediocrity and usually that what makes a bad magician. The term laymen was used to describe the people who don't know how an effect works and that's what give that false sense of security to some magicians. The "Don't worry they don't know" is really just a sorry excuse for not mastering the effect itself. Relying on that thought sets your mind to be okay to do mistakes that might reveal how the effect works in the process.

For this I thought that instead of thinking of doing it for "laymen", how about thinking of performing it for a magician? Always assume that they know what you are doing and in that way you would be force to do it in a better way. Putting this into mind, you would not fall into a false sense of security and your audience would find you more entertaining.

I hope that this have given you a better insight on how to perform better in the future.

1 comment:

Masterless Magician said...

I tend to use the term Muggle. I agree in many ways with one or two exceptions. Whilst it is a very good thing to assume maximum observation from an audience there are some things a magician can see that the audience will not. Many times I've seen my friends baffled by a simple thumb tip, which to me sticks out like, well a sore thumb. But you are right in the most important regard. We can't be complacent and we shouldn't get lazy assuming that 'They don't know'

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