Apr 12, 2011

365 Days of Magic

Cross Posted from A Magically Ordinary Life

I came across Eric Leclerc's YouTube Channel while searching for some magic by Caleb Wiles. It has been a long time since I have watched some good magic and I am enjoying that someone like Eric Leclerc actually shows good magic on YouTube. There are a lot of magicians on YouTube but I haven't seen anything like Eric Leclerc. Take a look at one of his videos below.

I really find his magic engaging and fun to watch. I love seeing how he interacts with audiences with all his witty jokes and fun antics. I think his comedy is one of the best among magicians.

His shows on his channel are part magic and part tricks but definitely all entertaining. The best thing that I love about his videos is his quotes and words of wisdom at the end of each video. Words of wisdom that make you smile after hearing and thinking about.

I have always wanted to post new stuff on YouTube but for now I am content watching other magicians' videos and maybe practicing my stuff even more. Maybe soon I'll start posting my own magic videos.

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