Apr 24, 2011

I Hate Mentalists who claim they are real psychics ahem Nomer

I have read in a news article that a local TV station here is doing a special on one mentalist here in the Philippines named Nomer Lasala. I have to say it it is interesting but at the same time full of BS because of the fact that the one who will be performing claims that he could do psychic phenomena.

I've seen this guy a lot of times on television, he does the standard mind reading, spoon bending and other mentalism routines. I think he's okay but claiming that he could do it because he has psychic powers is really nothing else but BS.

In the article he said “I was in a hurry because the school bus was already there and when I looked at my lunch box, it slid towards me,” he offered. “Although I cannot do it (telekinesis) now.” It really sounded like Uri Geller to me when he was asked to do a live performance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

If this guy claims that he has psychic powers, I could say that his powers come from most of the magic DVDs or effects that are available in the market. Watch the video below. This video came from his own YouTube Channel and I should say that even before him, David Blaine had done this and the exposure for it on YouTube is way too many.

Another thing I hate about him is that he has this video talking about bad things in magic. You are a mentalist claiming to be a psychic so don't pull other magicians down with your stupid statements. Magic Tricks are really about deception above all but magicians use it to entertain not to make people fearful of it nor to make people believe that the lies behind it are the truths in life.

Also please stop claiming to be a psychic and just perform and stop telling those stories wherein you have those psychic abilities. If ever you are reading this, I could tell you that most of the things that you perform could be duplicated with known methods in magic. Bending spoons, reading minds, psychic touches as well as the ones shown in your video above are all from known commercial magic effects. So please drop the BS and just perform, stop claiming to be psychic and just be a mentalist that performs and leaves people happy.

I think when I see his new show, I'll just laugh at him and in the process I might blurt out each commercial effect or known magic method that he is using. We'll see where his show will go.

1 comment:

Masterless Magician said...

yep totally agree mate. I'm looking forward to Derren Browns program regarding psychic healers tonight :)

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