Jun 1, 2009

How the Internet helped me share my magic with others.

I learned magic when I was ten years old and during that time the Internet wasn't really readily accessible for everybody. I learned magic from a single book and in this country there weren't really a lot of books on magic that were being sold at bookstores, I have to be content with what I know and that hindered me from doing more magic. During that time too my magic has somewhat failed to grow due to lack of resources as well as new knowledge.

Then came the time that the internet was readily accessible and during that time I discovered a lot of free websites that taught mainly basic sleights and a few simple tricks. That was also the time when youtube was starting to get famous and through youtube I found great magic videos that I tried to "reverse engineer" so I could perform them as well.

Through this process I was able to actually have new and better tricks to my arsenal. Before I would be doing simple card tricks usually of the pick a card theme then after seeing more videos I was actually able to do more, like packet tricks. During that time too is when I decided to expand my magic and start relearning coin magic and looking for good routines with it.

I discovered a lot of books mostly classic ones from the internet, Studying the classics inspired me to do more magic and to actually experiment trying to bring it in a more modern setting. Studying these tricks actually inspired me to write about it on my blog Marvelous Magic and I didn't realize that there would be people who would leave comments and actually give me tips that would improve my magic.

Because I wanted to learn more I started to join magician's forums but most of them would actually be just forums that would give you bashing rather than constructive criticisms. Luckily I was able to find Club Magicians who was at that time was still Magicians.com. I was happy to find this site because it's like a one-stop center for magicians. Forums, Videos, Social Networking, Blogs, Chat and now even a its own Shop! Now isn't that something that would actually help magicians to share their magic?

With these sites my eyes were opened to a larger view on magic. That is the time too when magic was being popularized again in this country thanks to local magicians who would be doing street magic specials a la David Blaine or Criss Angel. With that shops have started to spawn around the malls here but too bad their products were mostly cheap imitations that were low quality and the bad thing is that the exposure was becoming more rampant. That is when I decided to look for props online: the newest and the best.

Looking for a shop that has good prices and would ship anywhere was really hard but I found some shops including Magicians.com. With these I was able to actually add up to my repertoire again and in a few months time I had my first gig for a birthday party.

Well so much for what the internet did to my magic, but to sum it all up it has actually helped me become a better magician to share my tricks and skills not only in this country but to people all over the world as well.

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