Jul 22, 2009

A good place to check before buying that trick

Whenever I buy stuff online it has always been a problem if what I'm going to buy is really worth it. No matter how good the product according to its description, it could still be deceiving especially nowadays that most products only show what they want you to see.

So in order to avoid this I make sure to read reviews of the product before purchasing it. However not all the time there are reviews for magic products on certain online shops and this leaves me thinking if I should buy the product or not.

Until recently I discovered this website that provides reviews for magic products. They have reviews for a lot products and their reviewers are really seasoned magicians like Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. I think if one needs an honest review and you really value your money you should take time to see this site.


natemarx said...

Hi! Just wanna ask how much do you pay for the shipment of the magic products to the Phils?

Hope you could email me the logistics here's my email add:


Jordan said...

Hi Natemarx,

I really don't have the prices for the shipping costs as it varies for each product. Usually when I shop online the cost of the shipping will be shown before you make the payment.

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