Aug 18, 2008

Help Young Hudson.

This article was posted on Hudson is a three year old boy diagnosed with leukemia. A charity concert was done for him last August 16, 2008. Although it has collected funds he badly needs donations for the hospital bills. As the founder of Ryan Ogaard had told me, it is the true meaning of sharing the magic.

To donate just click this link. A donation of $30 or more will entitle you to a free limited edition T-Shirt. Hope it has touched your generous hearts.

1 comment:

ROMM said...

Hi Jordan,

Your blog is looking great and I always enjoy reading it!

Thank you so much for posting in your blog the story of Hudson Francis I shared with the members at On a side-note: the donations link you provided is no longer active, but if a reader of your blog would like to donate to Hudson Francis and receive a T-Shirt (with a donation of $30 or more), they can contact me directly at

Thanks Jordan - keep up the great work!

Ryan Ogaard, Founder

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