Aug 21, 2008

A New Template-Again

I asked my girlfriend to check my blog if the layout is good. Then to my surprise it appears weird on Internet explorer. I'm using Mozilla Firefox and when I checked using Internet Explorer, to my horror my blog indeed looked weird. It was an eyesore and immediately I looked for another template that could be read well also in Internet explorer.

Here's what it looked like on Internet Explorer

As you could see the entries are all leaning to the side as if it was part of the classified ads. Also the sidebar at the right just went straight to the bottom of the blog.

I'm sorry to all the readers who were using Internet explorer. No wonder I got less readers during the past few days. I just hope they'll come back again and experience more of the magic here.

Well that's a lesson learned for me today. I've learned that not all people use the same product as you so you have to adjust to them. Maybe I 'll apply this too in my performances, I would make sure that all who watch me will surely enjoy. After all magicians don't do magic to impress other magicians but to entertain people.


richie said...

Nice template here. Your blog looks very welcoming now. More power!

Jordan's magic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jordan's magic said...

Thanks Richie for the comment and for visiting my blog.

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