Aug 25, 2008

My newest creation: Svengali Effects- Coming Soon

I was quite disappointed when I visited the new magic kiosk in Alabang Town Center. The old one sadly has just disappeared as if by magic (no pun intended) The staff there were really friendly and there was always a healthy exchange of magic tricks there.

Then there came a new magic kiosk basically selling the same products but the staff were all different. I went there to ask if they had ITR and they just said to me the price and soon the staff there went back promoting their Svengali deck to other people of course leaving me hanging there not even answering my other questions about it.

I was really disappointed on how they promote their products. How dare they say that David Blaine and Eric Mana used Svengali decks into their acts. I mean they are both good magicians that don't need such trick deck for their acts. If you're wondering what tricks could be done with a Svengali deck here's a video of it

As you could see there is really more than one of a "selected" card. However when you use this deck you can never do again the same tricks for the same group of people because the moment you do that everything will be revealed and the trick will be spoiled. Also this deck can never be inspected by the audience.

So in my frustration, I left the kiosk went straight home and started playing with my cards.Then all of a sudden I was struck by inspiration and soon i was creating a new trick already.

I tested the new trick I have invented by showing it to my grandmother. She was really amazed and asked me to do it again. Then she was more amazed with it as I show her that there is really only one of her card and all cards are different.It means that I have no duplicate cards nor short cards in it.So in other words I am successful in using an ordinary deck of cards in doing Svengali Deck Tricks.

I'll be posting a video of my newest masterpiece soon and maybe hopefully I could show that shop that they shouldn't leave customers hanging especially if they are real magicians. I'll show them that their inferior quality Svengali which "cracks" when bent is really no match to a magician who is really dedicated to the craft. Also I want to show them that a magician is very different from staff who merely know how to do the trick.Honestly I'm still annoyed at them and I wish that the old shop would return because the people there are much better and there is a real magician performing there.

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