Sep 21, 2008

The Magician (1973)

I've discovered this series via youtube when someone placed a comment on my page and asked me if I'm familiar with the 1973 series the Magician starring Bill Bixby. So I clicked on his channel and there I was being drawn into watching the series.The Magician is about Tony Blake a magician who does detective work. Along with his friends and sexy assistants they solve crime.

I only saw episode one and it was really interesting. The main character is very different from other detective roles, because instead of solving crimes the hard way (meaning car chases, fight scenes, gun shooting scenes etc.) he solves it with wit and magic.

The first episode too has a lot of things to watch out for. Like the use of his sexy assistant to create misdirection while he sneak in the enemies' hideout. I won't go into details on that one let's just say it's the 70's and almost every man is just like Austin Powers. That's the main reason why that misdirection works so well haha.

I like how he used magic to actually outsmart his enemies haha. I remember one when there was this thug that was about to shoot him but he pointed somewhere to divert the thugs attention and then he hit him square on the face with I believe a very hard extending magic wand. The thug was knocked out thanks to misdirection and a very hard wand

Although it was canceled after 21 episodes, it was still a great series, with magic done by Bill Bixby (no camera tricks involved)along with the interesting story lines. I wish this could be released into DVD and I hope I could get to watch all 21 episodes and who knows I might star in my own series too. LOL

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