Sep 3, 2008 Feature- Me

I was really surprised and flattered when I was featured at blog. Here is the blog entry about it. is the definitive magic community of magicians by magicians. There I met a lot of magicians from all over the world, and of course it is really nice to have someone to talk with magic from different cultures and point of views. With that I was actually inspired to learn and do better magic. Also because of the community of magicians there I was able to improve on my already existing tricks and even to the point of creating my own routine.

I remember joining that community just this June although I'm part of another community that hosts a forum on magic. I remember just randomly typing on the address bar and then I was lead to this magicians community and I immediately signed-up to be part of this community. Unlike my other community, this site has videos, blogs and a forum for all. I have actually a blog entry for this community here.

Honestly I really wasn't that active during my first few months there because I was still under training that time. Back then I would visit the site form time to time because I really want to watch videos on magic. (Although Youtube has a lot of them but of course most are clumsily done) Watching those videos actually inspired me to shoot my own and share the magic from here. Actually my videos posted there helped me improved more with my tricks with the tips and advices from other magicians out there.

I really didn't expect that I'll be featured there especially that there are a lot of better magicians than me in that community. I'm just happy that despite the hustle and bustle of the daily life as part of the labor force, I still get to do one of the things that I want and that is magic.

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