Sep 29, 2008

Standards are different from Old and Boring

As a self taught magician I have learned most of my magic from books. Most of these books however are old already and I mean really old even dating back from the early 17th Century. Here's a sample page of that book that I have in pdf.

As you will see the book itself is written in Old English which makes it quite hard to understand but dedicated as I am I tried reading it and of course it has been useful for me. Well although I don't use all the routines in this book I still find it very useful even in this modern age.

Now this brings me to a question, why do most beginning magicians nowadays actually consider this stuff as inferior to what they see and what most DVDs teach nowadays? Don't they know that these are the standards and what they are watching right now are actually from these same books too? Sad to say but most beginner's in my opinion actually know little of the History of Magic.

Most Magic Books nowadays actually have a little History of magic part wherein you could know who were the best and innovators of a certain trick like for Card Magic there was Hugard, For Coins there was Bobo and for Close up there was Vernon etc. Again of course many don't read this part anymore because they jump immediately into learning the tricks.

I see nothing wrong with that but of course proper credit should be given to the people who have worked their entire life creating and innovating magic to go along with the times. So for all beginning magicians I would like to make an appeal that before you jump into learning a trick please do appreciate and try to know who did it first. Also before you say that the classics are boring please watch it first then if you are not left wondering how did that happen, then that's the time you should say it is boring.

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