Apr 6, 2009

Cleaning the clutter from my magic box

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With the past long weekend that has just passed, I took the opportunity to clean up my stuff at home (though I may want to go on a vacation or relax somewhere I couldn't since I didn't have the funds) I started first with organizing my magic box.

My magic box contained all the magic I had for the past 4 years (the first props I had were nowhere to be found now but it's alright with me since all of those are really kids stuff anyway) From decks of cards to, linking rings, to DVDs and all the other materials, I seem to have a lot already.

Amidst all the props, I saw one of my favorites which I seldom use now, largely because I've been too busy. The one I'm talking about is my set of Sponge Balls. They were flat when I got them out of the box, so I soaked them in water and voila they were as good as new.

With all that has been happening now in my life I could see myself somewhat similar to the sponge ball. Recently I've been asking myself why things as such has been happening and it had made me a little bit sad. I've been flattened with some problems and trials but that doesn't mean that I would be useless.

All I really need is to be drenched in water (more like immersed) so that I would wake up to the fact that life isn't all that bad and being soft makes you last longer than being hard and resisting and charging things head on. Another side of it is though we may be soft but we still have our breaking point. Well just being philosophical for this post.

Anyway I hope to get more of a regular update here in this blog,

Until then,

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