Apr 14, 2009

Receiving a letter from a great youtube magician

Just this Monday I received in a letter from my e-mail from one magician whose videos are in this blog. I wrote a few entries about beautiful magic videos found on youtube. Here is his letter to me:

Hello Jordan.

My name is Antonio Zuccaro, a non-professional cardician from Naples, Italy. The reason why I'm writing to you right now is to give you a warm "Thank You" for putting some of my Magic videos on your blog. I really appreciate that! One minor thing: my surname is "Zuccaro" and not "Zucarro" :-P

Your blog is a thing of beauty, keep it up!

Warm regards,

Antonio Zuccaro

To show you how really good he is with magic here's a sample video from his offical channel:

I really appreciate how those I look up to in magic would actually find this blog and actually appreciate the effort. Hopefully my blog will reach more readers to share more magic from all over the world.

If you think you have good videos on youtube, you could send me an e-mail then who knows I might feature it here and if I feel more generous I might even throw in an e-book or two. So tell me about your videos so that we could share them to everyone in the world.

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