Jun 10, 2008

About Me and Marvelous Magic

Hello to all readers of this blog,

My name is Jordan and I have been practicing magic though not professionally since I was ten years old. I could say that I've learned a lot of tricks but not enough because there are new tricks that are always added.

While I was studying European languages major in French at University of the Philippines Diliman, I used to perform street style magic to my classmates. Usually I would do this while waiting for our professor or even sometimes just for fun I'll do it in front of the professor myself.

During those four years in college, I had already performed quite a number of times. I performed in my French classes when I was in my first year and through that I had somewhat gained my identity as the magician of the batch.

Right now I'm still continuing my magic, improving more of my craft and hopefully someday I would become a champion in the FISM.

Here you'll find my personal thoughts and experiences on magic. There are also videos here of some fabulous magic tricks by me and by famous magicians. Also I would like this place to become a place for magicians to exchange ideas.

If you want to learn magic you could visit my other blog:

Learn Classic Tricks

These sites are for serious magician's only. If you want to access these sites just follow the instructions on the site.

So go and check out the stuff here and please don't forget to comment about the site.

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