Jun 12, 2008

The Cups and Balls

A very entertaining version of the classic Cups and Balls

This one is from Tommy Wonder

and this one is a version of Dai Vernon by John Mendoza

Well this is the first trick that I've truly learned and mastered. Maybe not as good as them but definitely better than those tutorials in youtube by some guys. Anyway my version is much simpler: three balls and three cups. I start it off with cups penetrating each other then first ball under the first cup and so on then all three balls are under the second cup. Then the balls penetrate the cup and so on. Then I use two balls three cups and show how the balls transport from one cup to the other. Then one cup three balls, shows them how each ball penetrate the cup. Then I use only three balls and no cups. I place one ball in my pocket and two in the hand to show how one ball travels from my pocket to the other. Then for the finale I take all three balls placed them under the stacked cup where they change into one large ball.

Quite simple isn't it. If you want to learn the trick how it's done just click the links under "Magic Tutorials" at the sidebar and there you will learn exactly how it's done. Or if you want just click "About" on the "All About Magic" section and I'll teach you the trick personally and for FREE.


Greenleaf said...

Hi Jordan,
My e-mail: leeliangwee@gmail.com

I would love to learn all the tricks. :)

Greenleaf said...

I still can't your blog. I hope I can learn the magic trick.

Please allow me to join. Thanks. :)

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