Jun 24, 2008

Practical Jokes and Magic

I'm sure you're all familiar with practical joke shows and just recently there had been new shows with the same theme but this time it has a unique twist and that is- Magic. Yes these shows use magic to play pranks on people and of course we don't just get a good laugh we also get a good serving of mystery. Also what I love about these shows is that they were able to give a relatively weak magic on TV a new look to appeal to audiences.

Here is a clip from a TV show titled THEM (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic)

Of course here's one from one of my favorite magic shows (sorry for the bias I just like European Magicians more than American ones also my Spanish gets better whenever I watch this) Nada X Aqui

Here's one from the now defunct TV series NAKS (Nakakabilib at kakaibang show)

What I really like about these shows is that they were able to revive Magic on TV. Apparently magic on TV has less appeal because of the special effects that are being used are readily available in TV shows. Because of these shows too, we see more new and better magic and that helps specially nowadays that there are a lot of readily available sources that reveals magicians' secrets.

I just hope that more show like these would be aired so that I could get away from all the remakes in prime time.

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