Jun 11, 2008

Insights on "The Matrix" Trick

I remember doing a version of the Matrix called the "chink-chink" by Malini. I learned it from a certain book by an English Magician who used sugar cubes just like in the original act. In the book it says that the "chink-chink" is also known as the matrix.
I was successful at first using dies as substitute for sugar cubes which is quite rare in this country because sugar is always in powdered form. Fortunately the effect worked whenever I performed it usually my routine would consist of the "chink-chink" followed by "three in a pocket". Apparently I was doing good even though it only consisted of traveling dies from one card to the other then from one hand to the other then from my pocket back to the table and then the die would change color (right now I'm working on changing its size after it travels to my pocket).
I thought that I was doing good until I saw the matrix being done with cards and coins. It had a lot of appeal to me because as we all know cards and coins are more portable than dies. Also my first love really in magic was card tricks.
I tried to do the matrix with coins using the similar method with dies. Apparently it was very hard to do because, simply coins are flat. Also coins tend to talk to each other whenever I use that method.
Then suddenly I saw this video on youtube featuring French Magician Arnaud Chevrier and his Matrix routine.

Also I saw this very nice video of Little Chubster from the Philippines performing a medley of the matrix.

These two videos actually gave me an idea that the method for "chink-chink" is very different for the coin matrix. Although some would argue with that, I found this new method more effective and fool proof than the previous method that I use.

Right now I'm still perfecting my routine and hopefully I could post a video of it too. Don't forget to check my other blog where you could learn great magic tricks. Just follow the link http://marvelous-magic.blogdrive.com and the details in the site and surely you'll be on your way to becoming a magician. Also try the links at the sidebar under "Magic tutorials"

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