Jun 23, 2008

The Best (joke) Magicians

No I'm not talking about comedy magicians. I'm talking about those who make magic (although quite insulting) into a farce. Oh well honestly I enjoyed their shows.

Here's David Criss (Michael V.) a spoof of Criss Angel and David Blaine.

Here is another spoof of David Blaine: Dan Michael Master Magician (Ramon Bautista)

Here is a french guy maybe he is doing a spoof of David Blaine too

Again another one

Well I would say that they are really not insulting magic at all. I find the mask magician more insulting than these guys. At least these guys present their own tricks in a funny manner. Also because of them magic gains more popularity and more are actually rediscovering it (although I disagree to the fact that magic has become too mainstream already). Well although they make fun of magic, I don't really mind that much because I'll just give a good laugh and say to myself sure magic is still alive.

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