Jan 14, 2009

The Youtube generation Magicians

The internet has really provided us a new medium of expression. From blogs, podcasts up to video sharing sites all of them has surely provided us with new mediums of expression. With magic, it is quite common to see some people (even non-magicians) to do tricks on youtube. Sad to say though some of these so called "performers" do more harm than actaully help magic.

I myself had been guilty of posting videos in youtube, some are ok some are really bad. However in doing this I always made sure that I didn't expose any secret of the trick. Also it has helped me a lot as a magician to improve on my skills and presentation style.

Here are a few magicians whom I think that are very good and has used youtube to share the magic all over the world.

Antonio Zuccaro

Jorge Blass

I mean because of them I was actaully inspired to explore beyond what I know in magic and to become a better magician myself.

I think youtube has helped a lot of magicians in a way that it made magic from all over the world to be easily shared with other therefore helping it expand and to improve all over. However there are these so called "youtube magicians" who are actually very bad in performing tricks to the point that they are actaully exposing them.

They are very different from those who actually expose the trick (some of them I have written about already here. Back to those bad magicians, I think it is ok that they don't reveal the secrets however I think that as performers I think they should be showing tricks that were well practiced. An inferior show is a fatal blow to any magician and it might take a long time for him to get back the audience.

Anyway just a tip to them, here's a little checklist on what needs to be done.

1. Have a good Camera Ready.
2. Practice your trick
3. Get as much help as you can (stage hands, cameramen, video editors etc.)

I hope you appreciate these tips.

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The Amazing Gordo said...

Nice article., but you missed a really good magician! AHEM!!!


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