Mar 27, 2009

Another year another chance and a birthday wish

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Yeah the title sounds cliche but of course with each birthday that passed in my life as far as I could remember it has been a chance for me to look back at who I was and look forward to who will I be. With my birthday today all I could say that for the past 22 years of my existence in this world I have learned a lot but not enough to know what is life really about.

Turning a year older made me realize that life isn't all about making you biggest wishes and wildest fantasies come true. Before I always said to myself that after I finished my studies I'll be filthy rich and all with a lifestyle of luxury that I would be enjoying for the rest of my life.

Those were a few wishes I wanted and every year I would be wishing for them but of course in reality it would only bring frustration if you can't achieve those things that you've been wishing for. Worse is that despite the hard work you gave to it, it will still turn out very unlike the dream you've always wished for.

With that I realized that in life sometimes our dreams get too much in the way that we forget the reality that life is beautiful. Yes life isn't perfect but it can always be beautiful, especially with the people you value the most.

Lastly I learned that in the end it all just comes down to one question: "Are you happy" Well the answer would still vary but for now I know that I am...

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