Mar 2, 2009

Make your own magic

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In one of my magic books, it is strongly encouraged that a magician be creative when he makes his own props. Most of the time the materials needed when constructing props could be found just around your home.

I admit that there are times that I am a pack rat. In other words I keep lots of materials that I might find useful someday when I need it. Well it has prove to be worthwhile to store some items but of course I immediately throw out those without any use already.

An example of this are all my nonworking earphones from my MP3 player. I saved a few of them knowing that I could use some parts of it. Lo and behold I was actually able to harvest from it a prop that sells in some magic shops fro over $12.00!

Well as we all know it all comes down to creativity. The stuff that the stores are carrying might have started from the garage or even from the garbage. Just remember to let your imagiiantion flow and soon you might be able to create your own magic.

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