Mar 3, 2009

Visiting a few magic people

Yesterday I went to this little magic kiosk and saw a few people doing tricks. I performed a little for them and I was surprised that some of them still get impressed despite the simplicity of the tricks I've done.

I've performed the following for them:

1. Chicago Opener with final card change
2. Gecko Lighter Vanish
3. Subway by Dan and Dave
4. Coins across from Bobo
5. Coins Across Version 2 using three large regular coins.

Well apparently this remains my sole advantage over these guys: knowledge of the classics. My knowledge of the classics made it hard for them especially since most of them know the modern people like Ogawa, Pearlman, Noblezada etc. Although we know that most of their works are from the classics of course not all of the material there would be known now.

Also what made my magic a little more special for them might be the fact that I use less gimmicks and focus more on technique Well that's just me and that's my style, a fan of tradition with a mix of modern magic.

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