Jul 8, 2008

Paying my Transport Fare

I was really irritated at the news that there will be another fare hike this week. That would mean PhP 8.50 for a jeepney ride of 4 kilometers. It's quite annoying and disappointing that none of us anything in this situation. As a commuter I always see how annoyed other commuters are, every time they would pay their fare.

That brings me back when I went to UP to get something. Of course I need to ride a jeepney all the way from MRT Quezon avenue station all the way to UP Diliman. The fare for the ride was actually 9 pesos and of course as everyone was scouring through their wallets for coins, I decided to do a little magic trick.

I made sure first that everybody has paid already so that they would pay attention. I said "Bayad po isang campus" (Here's my payment, one person for UP campus) Then I saw the people in front of me staring at me because I wasn't holding anything in my hand. Then all of a sudden I started producing two 5 peso coins. As I was reaching out my hand to give the driver my payment the people in front of me were smiling and some of course are awestruck. The driver gave me my change a 1 peso coin and as soon as it reached my hand I made it vanish.
After that production and vanish of coins, I just looked at the window with a big smile of again being able to mystify and entertain people despite of the very hard and expensive life. Anyway it's nice to watch a show for free right?

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