Jul 2, 2008

Magic and School Kids

I went yesterday to a certain school to apply as a foreign language teacher. It was really very tiring imagine having 5 interviews all in a day plus demo teaching and an exam. Well while waiting for some of my interviews during lunchtime I just started playing with my linking rings set and then some grade four kids came near me and soon I was already performing a little show for kids. Well as usual kids are nosy when it comes to tricks and they always love comparing what you do with the things that their families or friends do.

The show was simple and it was just for about 5-10 minutes. I started with the linking rings, followed by a 4 phase matrix, then to wrap it all up I finished with "No puede hacer mas lento" by Rene Lavand. Well the kids were really hoping that I'll be their teacher but sad thing though I think I can't teach there simply because it's too far from where I live.

I don't want to disappoint the kids who wants to see magic at their school but my magic simply can't make me work there.Although I would really love to teach, I think that the distance of the place from my home is really very far and so I can't work there.

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