Jul 9, 2008

No Smoking Please.

If there is one thing that I really hate whenever I take public transportation, is when someone sits near you and lights up a cigarette. Then that person huffs and puffs his smoke in all directions without considering that not all people there are smokers. The thing I hate the most too about them is that even though you cover your face with a handkerchief or you cough like your insides are going out, they would still hold on to their cigarette and actually puff more smoke in your face. I actually experienced it yesterday inside the jeep when a man rode and started to smoke inside the jeep. The other passengers, including me, started to cover our faces with a hanky also one really coughed hard but instead of throwing his cigarette he finished the entire stick inside the jeep as if nothing had happened.This morning too as I rode the bus on the way to work the driver is smoking and the smell of the smoke really spread throughout the bus. He even managed to smoke two sticks! Whenever I see smokers I'd really like to douse some water on their cigarettes so it couldn't be used anymore.

The only good thing about cigarettes though is that they could be used on magic. Although I could do a cigarette routine I never get to light it because I don't smoke and I don't want to. Here's a cigarette routine done by Cyril Takayama.

Hope you enjoyed the video and remember that smoking kills not only you but the people around you too.

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