Jul 5, 2008

Happy Birthday- Magic Style

Last Saturday I went to Araneta Coliseum with some of my friends to watch the UAAP opening and to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends: Rose. We watched the opening ceremonies and the crowd was really wild, each cheering for their own school. The loud beat of the drums made the crowd even go wilder as the dancers from UP (my school of course) showed us never before seen routines.

We stayed there and watched too the basketball games and after that we went to pizza hut where she treated us to a nice pizza dinner. Of course as part of her birthday celebration I was assigned to give entertainment and of course that was magic.

I actually brought with me my linking rings and my deck of cards. I did a few card tricks before the food was served to us and after that sumptuous dinner I started performing my linking rings routine.

Apparently a lot of people were also watching me as I do the trick. Feeling this I started doing my best, putting all my showmanship skills into that trick. My friends gave their applause as I hear other people say "How did he do that?" or "Wow that was good" I even heard a parent say to her kid while pointing at me said "Hey look it's magic" The kid was just staring at me after the trick and I went on doing more card tricks to our friends.

My girlfriend told me that one of her friends still couldn't get over the Ambitious card routine that I did. She still finds me quite creepy, maybe because I exuded a little bit of a David Blaine aura. It was quite expected because this generation only seem to know Blaine, Criss Angel and the likes.I was very happy performing for the whole group. Too bad though I have to go home early because I live very far from them.

Here are some pictures so that you could experience too that magical time that we had.

Performing for some friends...
Again to them...

To the Birthday Girl...
Look at the girl who's wearing white, she is really so much into it.

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