Jul 13, 2008

The Restless Lady

This is one of the tricks I regularly used as an opener for a card magic show.

It is easy yet powerful and most of all entertaining. The effect is quite simple a black queen always goes back to the magician's hand every time he takes it away and places it somewhere else.

I figured out this trick the same day I saw it on Youtube. I figured out it's basics and soon I started making the trick my own. In my version (which will be uploaded soon) I added a little spice to it by using "patter".

Here is the same trick done by a magician named Antonio Zuccaro

Isn't it nice? Don't you remember yourself watching it? Don't you remember how restless you were one time in your life that you keep on coming back to the same place after going out of it quite a number of times? Don't you remember yourself that the last time you went back there, the moment you left that place, you have already changed? Well that's the restless lady with a little lesson in life.

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