Dec 11, 2008

Download Free Magic E-books!

Yup I admit I'm a sucker when it comes to free stuff. My search for new knowledge has brought me to the far and wide corners of the worldwide web. So far I've seen a lot of e-books on magic both for free and for a fee.

Of course between the two I would choose the free one. However most of the time the free e-book that is given to you gives you something that either you already know about or something that everyone knows already. That is really quite frustrating and of course I feel that I wasted my time actually going to that site.

However there are good sites too that provide quality e-books and they are really a goldmine when it comes to magic knowledge. I was lucky to find a website that has that repository of over 100 classic books of magic and surely that is something for a magician like me.

There is another site that I found that offers e-books for a reasonable price (meaning cheap in my vocabulary)Well I purchased some e-books there and some were even under a dollar and also if you look carefully into the site you could get their free e-books too.

Anyway I'm not mentioning the sites where I got my e-books from simply because I don't think telling about them would be a good idea because if anyone could purchase the trick the someone who isn't a magician who bought it might expose it to others too.

Anyway I'm just telling you my experience about e-books and magic. If you want I have uploaded some in my other blog Learn Classic Tricks. Just follow the instructions on the Request Password page.

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