Dec 1, 2008

What a magician does when he Buys Shoes

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Over the long weekend, there was a big sale on a mall near us and fortunately I just received my salary, so I thought of buying something for myself and that is a pair of rubber shoes. The ones I bought were the exact ones in the photo and I was really able to buy it at a very good bargain.

Before I was able to buy this pair, I looked all over the mall, in each stall trying to find a good pair for a good price. If I were a normal guy I would have been annoyed with myself because it took me very long to buy a shoes.

It took me so long to buy shoes because I am really conscious first of all with the fit then of course the look. The shoes should be comfortable when I wear them, that's why I need a perfect fit of it. When it comes to style of course I wouldn't want to look anything like a clown with over sized shoes.

Something I think that most people wouldn't do is to levitate when they buy shoes. Actually I was just looking on the shoe mirror on how it looks like on me, until a saleslady suggested that I use the full body mirror. So I followed her advice and as I was looking through every detail on how the shoe looks, I decided to practice a very simple levitation trick performed by David Blaine for his first TV series.

Here is how he does it.

I was actually practicing it and a good thing is that no one else was watching me perform it in front of the mirror. I really don't know what will happen if anybody had seen it.

Oh well it really seems a little weird but whenever I buy shoes I try to levitate one or two times to see if it works well with what I buy.

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