Dec 21, 2008

Last Saturday was a Sucess

Last Saturday I went to my girlfriend's sister 18th Birthday Party and there I did a little walkaround magic for the guests. I have prepared for this for quite some time and i had a routine in mind. Unfortunately the routine was kept short due to time constraints and of course I had to fit it with the audience after seeing them.

Well after the dinner ,all of the traditional 18th birthday ceremonies and the dancing I got on doing my walkaround. I started on a table where the girls actually moved their chairs to face the dance floor. They weren't on the table so I was actually able to perform the Asher Twist with jacks with the patter that the headturner in the group actaully causes the jacks to face her one at a time.

I also did a few more tricks but my highlight would have to bee my routine with the jacks, consisting of the twisiting jacks, the red and the blacks exchanging places and the four jacks finds a selected card. It was all screams from the audience and although I appreciate it, sometimes it hurts my ears.

Well it was really worth it and the reactions were really overwhelming. I hope that I'll get to perform more so that I could share the magic.

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