Dec 8, 2008

Marvelous Magic- New Layout and Features

Since it's beginning last June Marvelous Magic has undergone a lot of changes. Aside from the change in template, there are also new features that makes this site more interesting and useful to all the visitors here.

First of all the new template of this site makes it easier to navigate around it. With it's links on top of the page that helps visitors navigate around the site with ease, surely more would be coming back to visit this site.

Checking the top links, you would see that it is now easier to learn magic and to order for the stuff you need with the Learn Classic Tricks and Shop. If you really want to learn magic then you should visit these two sites.

In addition to this, the site now has a contact form. With this a visitor of the site could personally send a message to the author of this blog about anything. Whether it be about shows or simply a magic advice the author is more than willing to answer your e-mails. Just a note "NO SPAM OR ANY OTHER UNNECESSARY MESSAGE PLEASE!"

Moving on this site also has opened its pages for advertisers who would want their sites to have more traffic driven into them. Simply check this entry on how you could promote your site here for as low as USD3.oo a month. With easy payment via paypal you'll be able to purchase your ads and be seen with each page of this site almost instantly.

More features to come soon, as for the meantime enjoy your stay here.

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