Dec 9, 2008

What does it take to be an expert?

Recently I read an article that in order for someone to become an expert at any field a person should have dedicated at least ten thousand hours to it. It is roughly equivalent to a little more than a year of non stop practice for 24 hours everyday or if you like you could just do it four 3 hours a day for ten years ( I hope I did my Math correctly back there) This may be too much but of course for someone who actually enjoys what he or she is doing it is really nothing since one doesn't notice the passing of time that goes with it.

Honestly I don't consider myself an expert in magic since my experience with it is really not that long and also even though I've been practicing it for a long time performing it would be a different thing. Of course I'm saying this because I've experienced it ones that I have practiced a trick for such a long time and sometimes it still fails.

Yup it's really embarrassing when people see you fail and more often than not they would say "I saw that!" then of course you'll be caught off-guard and that really feels terrible because you'll really feel that it seems like everything you have put to that trick is put to waste.

Well of course the only solution for one not to fail no matter how much practice is made is of course to practice more. Well they say practice makes perfect but in my own experience it never makes perfect, it only makes you better and being better lessens the chances of failing.

Yes more practice could be boring most of the time but there's no other way to become better than to do it, just make sure you don't count the hours you practice, just enjoy what you're doing and you won't notice how have you improved greatly.

To finish it off here's a video quite related on the topic. You just have to think deeper why is this song related to what I have written above.

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