Dec 2, 2008


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Well yes it's December already and a few days from now it will be that magical moment: Christmas. Everywhere everyone is busy preparing for that day and on almost every corner there are Christmas decorations already.

If everyone is busy, well so am I. In two weeks I'll be performing for a Birthday party and until now I'm still feeling butterflies all over.Honestly I'm still finding good effects to perform and had been practicing them everyday so that I won't fail when that day comes.

It is a walkaround and table hopping type for a birthday party and good thing though the audience are old enough to understand more complicated tricks. If they were kids I would have a hard time controlling them and doing tricks to them.

I do hope that I would be able to pull through this show and hopefully they'll remember the magic.

Oh well Back to my practicing again, wouldn't want to ruin the big show right?

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