Feb 2, 2009

Connecting with audiences

Cross Posted at Entertainers not just Tricksters.

Of course as entertainers the most important thing is that we connect with the audience. Without that connection we would be just doing tricks not entertaining. To achieve these here are some tips that could help you have a connection with them.

1. The proper attitude

Of course as entertainers we should make and leave a good impression with our audiences and to achieve this we should act and look good. A general rule when approaching audiences or asking for volunteers is to of course be polite. Greet them when they come to the stage and introduce them to the members of the audience, after the trick thank them for being good sports. During walkarounds be specially polite when people are at tables make sure you don't disturb their wonderful meal nor their conversation. If you must have the host introduce you to them as their entertainment for the event.
2. It's about their names

Nothing sounds better than being called by your own name right? As magicians we should always remember the names of our volunteers or spectators at least even just for the duration of the trick. Doing this makes them feel that you are not making a fool out of them. For those who have trouble remembering names try this simple tip: Repeat the name three times out loud and surely you'll remember it. Of course you should do it in a way like this (for example in a card trick): " Ok this gentleman over here would be my volunteer for this trick, what's your name sir?... Good Evening Jordan... Yes Jordan I would like you to pick any card and remember it... Put back the card in the deck Jordan...." That's just an example but of course you should make it suit your style. Doing this will surely help you remember their names at least for the duration of the performance.

3. Avoid too much challenges as much as possible

Audiences would like to be entertained, not to be fooled so we need to perform tricks that wouldn't offend them. Performing a gambling themed magic might not be a good idea if you keep on showing how you would always get the winning hand. Couple that with the Three Card Monte and surely the audience might feel that you're making them look like a fool. So avoid to much challenge or betcha tricks maybe you could try including only one or two of them throughout the entire act.

4. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

The most important rule of them all: Keep it Simple! Of course it would be boring for the audiences if you show them complex tricks. A trick should be simple, not very flashy and straight to the point. In this way you get to connect with your audiences and they would remember the amazing trick you did for them. Remember too that it's about the effect and presentation are above the methods, since they are what the audience sees not the methods which is unknown to them.

SO there you have it simple tips on making magic connect with audiences, making it entertaining not just clever.

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natemarx said...

Thanks for the correction. . . Ei, lets organize a magician bloggers community here in the Philippines... I am about to invite Kel Fabie (www.magikel.multiply.com) & (www.nomerstorycircle.multiply.com) I already invited Leodini.

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