Feb 16, 2009

Magic as a Puzzle

I've written an entry a few days ago on why I like to do magic. Then I received a comment from a good friend of mine Ryan and he wanted me to elaborate on it. Well I actually took time myself to reflect on what are really the pieces of the magic puzzle and the answer occurred to me when I got my deck and started doing magic.

I took my red Bicycle Deck in my hand and started tinkering with it. This gave me the idea of what piece would be this deck be: Creativity . If you would look at the cards you would see how simple they are 13 numbers 4 suits 52 pasteboard cards. However with magic the number of tricks could be done with it is almost infinite. It just matters on how creative you get at it.

Then with this creativity comes the next piece and that would be Ability. Of course when one is doing magic creativity alone won't make the magic puzzle complete. It's like an idea that is simply in theory and can't be done. With Ability however one could make a theory (the creative aspect) into reality.

Another important piece we could say is Passion. Without it the magic would be really ineffective. Think of it as something like the music to a musical play. Without it, it would be just a play.

Of course the most important piece of the magic puzzle is the Secret. Think of it as the answer to the puzzle, because without an answer surely a puzzle wouldn't exist. Same goes with magic that without it's secrets it wouldn't be magic at all.

So far those are the four most important pieces for me if magic were to be a puzzle.

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