Feb 25, 2009

A Lazy day with cards and a little clean up

I've been too busy these past few days practicing with my new magic tool that I virtually took a rest from my cards. Before that I was working on a transposition routine with no extras but I wasn't at all successful at it.

Then just this morning it hit me. I was able to do a neat transposition effect that I wanted. Although it still needs practice and a little more fine tuning I think what I came up with would be a good one

Being a lazy day that was yesterday, I decided to do a little clean up of my internet stuff. So I decided to delete one of my magic blogs "For the Advance Magician" Sadly I don't have the time to update it anymore since I really don't have anything to write on it. Also i really wouldn't want to have duplicate content on my blogs that's why I deleted it.

I somewhat feel better after removing it since I really feel guilty that if ever there are readers of that blog I really don't put anymore good material for them to read. Anyway what should I be writing there usually just ends up here so I really can't put anything new there.

Anyway just sty tuned on this blog for more updates and magic.

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