Feb 10, 2009

Why do I like doing magic?

Well there had been questions to me why do I like to do magic? Well I can list a lot of reasons in this blog but I might exceed bandwidth limit LOL. Anyway I've been asking that question myself and of course I thought about maybe I like the mystery of it or the fact that whenever I do it people are amazed and baffled. Well there are a lot of reasons but the real reason why I liked magic is that it is a puzzle that I love to solve.

Puzzles has been part of my life ever since I was born. From the shape blocks from my childhood days up to sudoku I really love solving puzzles and for me magic is like a puzzle book wherein there are a hundred of different puzzles that I should solve. After solving them I like to show the same puzzle to my friends but not to show them how to do it.

But of course I wouldn't be a magician of I just present these clever puzzles that's why I present them in a way that they would enjoy it. After all it wouldn't be magic if you didn't enjoy it right?

Well just sharing my insights with you and hopefully next week I could write reviews as my package of tricks would be arriving soon.

1 comment:

ryan said...

Hi Jordan!

Although I read your blog quite frequentl... I believe this may be my first comment!

I always enjoy reading what drives people to love magic. You've got me thinking more about the connection between a puzzle and magic.

I guess my challenge or "puzzle" has always been how to piece together an entertaining performace using different pieces of the puzzle: patter, personality, rapport, timing, effect, ...

Would love to hear your thoughts on the different "pieces" of the puzzle!

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